Cameroon's first product search engine built with Capacity and capability is now on Mobile

What we can help buyers with

Great functionalities to help you easily find the best quality product right from on your smart device sitted at home

Flexible Search

You can find whatever you want to buy from many shops around you at the same right from your smart device. You can as well compare similar products from many different shops as the same. You no longer need to walk around from shop to shop asking! it's right here on your phone. You can find the closest shop to buy a specific thing

Search by picture

Yes, we thought of it and included it. The first platform you have come across in Cameroon with this feature. If you don't know how to describe it, just snap it. We will search in all registered shops and find a product which matches that. Either by texture, logo, colour, design, packaging, shape or many other parameters

Direct interaction with sellers + Bargain

We do not intervene in the process. The contacts of all sellers are clearly visible on the shop page meaning we don't take any charges from you or whatever. The prices you see were defined by the shop owners. Take you on Shoppy as you being in a market on your device. We incorporated a bargain system because we know the prices will not always fit your pocket

Subscribe to a shop you like

You can subscribe to specific shops and receive updates on new products from the shop, reduction campaigns on products as well as all major updates on the shop to stay updated with your best products

Compare products from different shops

We know you want the best at a good price. You can compare products from different shops which fall in the same category. The comparison system uses the price, distance and other product specifications and tabularizes such that you can analyse better. Be your own judge

View all that each shop around and away from you sells

You can decide to see all shops around and away from you. Go through their catalogues of products and see all that they have inside. It's from your device itself. You don't need to walk around.

Pass orders to sellers

When you've found what you ideally wanted, you can pass an order to the seller who will then get back to you validating or rejecting the order with a specific reason

Share products & Shop pages

You can share products and shop pages easily on social media. Either by sharing the link or clicking on the share button which is platform-specific. You can invite your peers to see catalogues of products etc.

We made it POSSIBLE !!!

Are you a seller or an enterprise that sells something? You can now register your products quickly and easily. Just send your products with prices and description (if available) to our Whatsapp number (+237 6 69 17 77 27) and your shop page is created with your products. We will then guide you on how to efficiently manage and boost your shop


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