Shoppy GPS Location Management

This article gives insight on the location management of Shoppy.

A little about our GPS management system

If you accessed our platform, you will notice that we demand for your location. It is encouraged to be a high precision location information. We want to use your GPS information to make use of the following aspects.  Click here to get more information about how to properly give us your location

1. Optimising search & display results

We intend classifying your search results by degree of relevance. No matter what criteria you use to search, we want to make sure your search results are within a relevant zone delimitation. Of course, you can decide to change to or not to carry out this limitation, on your search page, this value can be changed. The user can decide to view relevant products from shops within a kilometer range line of sight. On the home section. The results principally indicated are in a range of 200k and the user will be given the possibility of changing this value in upcoming updates

2. Directing you to a Shop

The video above shows how Shoppy can direct you automatically to a shop showing you all the possible routes to that Shop. This optimises your independence and flexibility in finding what you want with all criteria possible.

3. Distance calculation

As mentioned in the first part of this article, we use your GPS to calculate distances between you and physical shops. The distances are calculated using a line of sight mechanism. A distance is represented as the radius of a circle as indicated below.

What we do not do with your location

  • We do not share your location with any third party external to our ecosystem
  • We do not monitor your location. We treat your data very seriously.