Behold Shoppy's Magnificient SPO Dashboard

This article gives you detail on the Shop, Product & Order (SPO) dashboard for sellers

Features of the Dashboard

These are the features of our SPO Dashboard

1. Daily Shop Visits & Visit Statistics

Your dashboard shows you all the total views and daily views/visits to your shops. This is a very important feature that can help you monitor the degree of success of your shop. In upcoming updates, you will be able to know those who visited your shop.

2. Product visits for each product

For each of your registered and active products, you are able to know and identify the daily visits to that product by your clients or visitors. it is a very great analytical parameter that helps you monitor your product interest by clients

3. Shop subscribers' statistics

Yes! Users can subscribe to your shop. You can read about that by clicking here They receive information about your shop’s evolution and many other interesting updates on your shop and products. You can as well manage your subscribers and their information in order to update them as well as do broadcasting.

4. Shop reviews & review statistics

Able to view the reviews of your shop visitors as well as the daily statistics and the user impression about your shop.

5. Shop order statistics

Helps you greatly to see the degree of interactivity of users with your shop.

6. Shop product creation statistics

Yes! indeed you are able to view statistics on your update of products and creation as well. You can also view the number/percentage of active products and inactive products

7. Shop average rating

Users visiting your shop can rate your shop as well as your products. You are able to view that information from your dashboard

8. View Orders, View Order Statistics, Manage Orders

  • View Order Status Statistics
  • View List of different orders
  • View and manage orders. That is, accept or reject client orders , view client information etc.

9. Share products on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc)

Product sharing just became a lot more easier. The sharing is most optimised for any social media 

10. View, Edit, Create and Manage your products and product information

Handy tool for your product management. You can manage the following

  • Product category
  • Product name in english and french
  • Product short description in english and french which could contain your tagline or slogan or a 150 character description of your shop and appears when your shop is shared on social media
  • Product long description in english and french which takes alot of information concerning the product as well as product usage policy etc
  • The product brand
  • The product status (active or inactive). When the product is out of stock, you should mark it as inactive
  • Product pricing
  • Product attributes

11. Manage your product gallery for each product

Manage your product images. Each product is limited to 4 images. One Primary (Main) Image which is obligatory and 3 secondary images which could or not be inserted

12. Manage your shop information

You can currently manage the following of your shop

  • Cover image which is presented on the shop’s page
  • Shop Name
  • Shop description in both english and french
  • Street name where your shop is found (if it is a physical shop)
  • Town name
  • Region name 
  • Shop password to access the SPO Dashboard
  • Shop contacts (Telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Website)
  • Working periods which is the time frame for which you are available daily

So many more features we are leaving out for you to discover